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Earthwise garden design offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to each individual client.

Whatever is required, an initial visit and consultation is arranged, normally free of charge, where you can discuss your needs, issues, tastes and requirements and be introduced to the way that Earthwise works.

These needs may range from a complete garden design and build service; a planting plan for a single border with implementation if desired; rejuvenation work or a restoration programme for a neglected garden – historical, contemporary or simply overgrown; or a consultation & advice session to discuss the care or future development of a border or garden.

Projects may be long or short term

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After the initial visit earthwise will prepare a letter of confirmation & an accompanying quotation for any agreed works.

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If a design is required, a second visit will be made to extend and clarify the brief. A site survey and photographs would then be undertaken unless a site is particularly large or complex in which case an independent survey is recommended.

The survey would show the house, boundaries, existing features and levels as required for the subsequent preparation of a design.

If planting plans only are required, just the relevant part of the garden would be measured & photographed

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The first stage of the design is to produce an outline plan supported where necessary with sketches or artists impressions to show you how the final garden would look.

A meeting to discuss this then allows Earthwise to present their ideas and talk through any changes the client may wish to make.

If the project needs phasing the outline plan will act as a guide as to how work could be prioritised.

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Once the details of the outline plan are agreed, specific planting plans can be drawn up showing the location of all plants, both existing and proposed, in the design or border. These plans are used for costing, ordering and setting out the plants if requested.

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Earthwise garden design can offer a complete construction service by either in-house staff or by affiliated and recommended specialist builders and craftsmen.

This includes stone & brick work (walls, raised beds, terraces & patios); timber work (including pergolas, arches, fencing, tree houses & decks); water features such as streams, pools & ponds, both formal and informal, irrigation systems (for examples, please see & planting schemes of any style or scale.

Anya is personally responsible for the marking out of the design, plant selection, purchase and layout. She is available on all projects to monitor the progress of the garden as it is implemented to ensure the garden realizes fully the vision and potential inherent in the original design.

She can also prepare maintenance schedules for new owners and by arrangement, make return visits to offer any advice needed as the garden develops over time.

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